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Celebrating Renaissance Covington’s Win Together So it might have been a few months ago, but the impact of winning the GAMSA (Great American Main Street Award) will have a lasting effect on our beloved little city- so let’s keep spreading the news and celebrating our successes! Back in May, a group of 11 Renaissance Covington... Read More

Arts, Culture and Raising a Family in the #Cov

( (Gensler and her husband, Matt Butler) After 7 years in the suburbs, my family made the decision to move back to Covington in 2009—just in time for kids numbers 3 and 4 to be born in February, 2010. Raising our kids close to Devou Park, closer to both the Covington city center and, yes,... Read More

#covlove For Everyone

Renaissance Covington’s mission is to socially and economically activate downtown Covington by fostering community efforts and partnerships concentrating on organization, promotion, design, economic vitality, and creative enterprise for everyone. When we say that our mission is for everyone, we do not take that lightly. One of our core values is diversity and inclusion, and that... Read More

District Download: New Businesses in 2016

2016 was an exciting year for new businesses in Covington! We’re proud of the business growth in the urban core. We’re thrilled to welcome the following businesses, and the over 150 jobs they brought to the Renaissance district this year! Here’s to another great year! Bad Girl Ventures: BGV opened in spring of 2016 in... Read More

How I Learned to #lovethecov

I moved to Washington, D.C. six weeks after college graduation. A cross-country jump to a California university four years earlier had left me eager to return East, and I accepted a job based purely on its location. It was 1999, but Washington D.C. still hadn’t fully recovered from the 1968 riots and suburban flight. Alone... Read More